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Dennis the Menace

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What is a Jewel Case?

Here comes trouble!

Yipes! Grab your slingshot, water pistol and peashooter. Margaret and joey, Dennis' loyal friends, are missing- and so is Mr. Wilson's valuable coin collection!

Can Dennis sneak into Mr. Wilson's house and find his slingshot and peashooter without being spotted? Uh-oh, he's got rope ladders to climb and hidden switches to find- it's going to be tough, But he's gonna need those weapons bad as he faces off with enemies like the crazed Coach and the scary Switchblade Sam. In this late-night escapade, bees, bulldogs, birds, frogs and even bunnies will be a menace to Dennis!

Finding Joey, Margaret and Mr. Wilson's coin collection will be an adventure more harrowing than a garden full of cheek-pinches- and as Mr. Wilson would say, "that's no g.d. (gosh darn) joke!"